About Belle

 My work is born out of a desire to immortalise the fleeting and beautiful moments around us. Freedom of expression and the fearlessness behind radical vision are at the core of what my work embodies.

I have always felt irresistibly drawn toward art and beauty. My home is filled with state-changing prints, photographs and artwork. Being surrounded by such powerful beauty is inspiring, and I truly feel the impact of these pieces every time I step through the door.

As a little girl growing up in regional New South Wales, Australia, I was fascinated with the intricacies of creativity. I loved being in a state of play and exploration. I sold jewellery at the local farmers markets, mesmerised by the way the light glanced off the glass beads. I made jam from berries carefully gathered from the bushes on our family vineyard, fingers and lips stained with a tell-tale purple hue. I foraged for dried rose petals in the garden, creating my own Potpourri.

My deepest desire is to create meaningful art wherever I go. I love collaborating with the people around me to find beauty, capture memories and question the way we see the things around us.

This work is my growth and vulnerability made known; my hope is that in seeing this work, you are encouraged to get curious about what creativity means for you.